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The New Socrates WordPress Theme is the ultimate tool for internet marketers and affiliate marketers looking for a fast and simple way to build unique optimized sites right out of the box. In under 10 minutes, users can be up and running with a unique WordPress driven site that features the best in built-in SEO and monetization. Build a unique, optimized and monetized site in 10 minutes or less!

The Socrates WordPress Theme developed by Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm, for the need of the niche bloggers, affiliates and other internet marketers who are willing to make money with blogs easily and with little efforts. Both creators of this theme are the top internet marketing experts in the world today. They have been around for years now with great reputation and have already created lots of quality products for use of needy internet marketers. Build your Niche Site Now!

The Main Features of the Socrates WordPress Theme Include…

  • Built in Header Generator
  • 200+ Niche Header Designs
  • Upload Your Own Headers
  • 4 Custom Nav Bars with New Window and No Follow Links!
  • Optional Built In Adsense, Affiliate and Clickbank Ad Bar
  • Social Media Slider – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, RSS
  • Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
  • Custom Styling and Color Options
  • Affiliate Program Integration
  • 728×90 Banner Custom HTML Rotator
  • Multiple Sidebar Layouts
  • Internet Marketing and WordPress Training
  • Monetize With Any Affiliate Program or Network
  • Sales Page Templates
  • No Side Bar Template
  • Squeeze Page Template
  • Advanced SEO Layout
  • In Post Ad Units – Can be Disabled on Per Post Basis!
  • Incredible Support and Community Forum
  • And More….

With Socrates WordPress Theme, there are many features and tools waiting you to use. That’s not all! Once you order you’ll also get instant access to their Video Tutorials…

  • WordPress Installation Video
  • Socrates Installation Video
  • Adsense for WordPress
  • The Everything WordPress Webinar
  • WordPress Plugins and SEO
  • Cpanel and WordPress Setup
  • How To Locate Profitable Niches
  • How To Profit From Trends
  • How To Find A Great Domain Name
  • The Best Webhost For Your Domain
  • How To Get Google To Pay You Money
  • How To Get Paid To Promote Other People’s Stuff

The problem of how to build your own website has ultimately got a solution which can certainly help you get more money with less effort in your internet marketing business. Socrates WordPress Theme might just change the way you look at the whole market and at your ability to produce and income from the internet! If you have Socrates WordPress Theme, you will create the unique site in a few minutes.



Socrates Wordpress Theme

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Socrates WordPress Theme is made for WordPress and is extremely powerful. Socrates theme is a premium WordPress theme that not only helps in creating someone’s WordPress blog but also marketing it and optimizing it for search engines. Professional help does not necessarily have to come from professional individuals. This theme, which helps a blogger become a professional, is a profitable alternative. In addition, you only have to pay once for a lifetime of use.

This Socrates WordPress Theme was designed specifically towards online marketers, so you find it covers all the areas you need without having to resort to multiple plugins and customizing PHP or CSS code. It’s incredibly flexible and has very easy to use menus to set up all the various monetization features you are likely to need.

For a newbie, this theme can really automate the process of setting up a blog. The Socrates Theme comes with predefined themes, formats, and textures. With that, one can do away with the html coding part on many fronts.

You can use any of the over 200 professional header graphics that are included with the theme, or use your own, if you have them or want a designer to make a unique one for you. You can add in or disable a multitude of functionality on a per page (or per post) basis, simply by clicking a button!

You have quick easy control over headers, backgrounds, ad placements, layouts, color themes, and just about anything else you might want to customize. (no more searching through all the confusing code in the WordPress Theme Editor to make your changes!). They even have built in Squeeze Page forms that you can use to build your lists quickly and easily!

If you are into Socrates WordPress Theme and you’re seeking ways to make more money and expand your business, Socrates Theme can be a great tool to add to your already powerful marketing toolbox.


Socrates Wordpress Theme

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Socrates is a premium wordpress theme that can be used to create search engine optimized wordpress blog with built in adsense and clickbank monetization capabilities. The theme looks like a site designer’s dream as you can drag and drop elements around in the administration section, create new header graphics on the fly, and shift between different column layouts as desired.

With Socrates WordPress Theme, not only can you control all the links on the primary navigation bar, but it also give you three optional navbars. At the top right, bottom left and bottom right. You can easily turn all your navigation bars on and off as well. Navigation console will always show you all the pages and categories you create so you can quickly update your navbars.

As the world’s leading experts on Google Adsense and successful Clickbank merchants and affiliates we wanted to provide an interface where our customers could quickly monetize their site with ease. An optional “Ad Bar” which allows users to insert a 728×90 Ad Unit above their content, and lets them enter a Clickbank ID to rotate two Clickbank products on the top right.

There is also a “custom html” section in the upper right where more ad units, optin boxes, or any html code can be added. In the same space they added some social icons for Facebook, Twitter, and your RSS Feed. All of the images rotate in five second intervals and you can control exactly what you want to appear.

The Socrates WordPress Theme comes preloaded with 50+ backgrounds to suit your own personal style. And if you have your own background you can easily upload it from our background manager. Even better you can set all the repeat functions so any size background will display exactly how.

Over 160 Niche header designs which you can instantly insert into your theme and brand with your site title and description. We know that a lot of new site owners spend big money getting a custom header designed, and once they do, they need to figure out how to insert it into their theme. Socrates eliminates this process and gives you a professional looking header in just seconds.

Just choose a header from these categories:

Abstract – 35 Designs
Business – 19 Designs
Gradients – 30 Designs
Health – 19 Designs
Nature – 22 Designs
People -26 Designs
Textures – 15 Designs
More Coming..

Socrates Theme takes way less time than viral methods such as social networking. This is most certainly a new and innovative approach that will both bring in traffic to your site and help you to gradually form your own special audience, as well.

Successful Socrates WordPress Theme is all about getting all the vital elements on place. The final destination for any traffic you send is obviously your site, so ensuring a positive reaction is the smartest thing you can do.


Socrates Wordpress Theme

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Is there any premium wordpress theme which can allow you to change the theme design as per your likings, with a simple mouse click and which also can allow you to change the header, colour, background, style of a theme? The answer to this question is assertive and yes, there exists one good wordpress theme which is available for you that have all the above discussed features and lot more for you to make money with blogs by building your own websites or more precisely, blogs. You will altimately get access to the professional web templates of your choice or imagination. This theme is called Socrates WordPress Theme or simply Socrates Theme. But, one problem with this theme is that, it is not a theme like other thousands available free themes and you have to pay for it before you use it.

The designers of the Socrates WordPress Theme are Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm, two of the leading Affiliate Marketing specialists on the planet. They both have been about for years and also have flawless reputations.

The hallmark of this WordPress theme is the numerous monetization avenues available to you. You are able to customize the sub-header with up to three rotating banners, you have ample space to advertise in the sidebars (with a choice of none, one on either side or even both sides for sidebars) and you can even include Google Adsense or Clickbank products.

With Socrates Theme, you’ll find: Easy to Manage Navigation Links, Instantly Monetize Your Site With the Ad Bar, Built-in Clickbank monetization, 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own, You can Create Custom Headers On The Fly, How To Create Multiple Layout, Three Footer Widgets For Extra Customization

This Socrates WordPress Theme is especially great for beginners or internet marketers who create several different blogs in different niches. You should check it out and compare it to the other WordPress themes out there. I hope this Socrates WordPress Theme has shed a little light on what this theme is all about.


Socrates Worpress Theme

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WordPress is an amazing tool that gives the user quick access to creating webpages and blogs. Many people use it to create profit instruments with internet marketing. Anyone that has used WordPress knows from experience that one of the wonderful features it has is the ability to pick and choose a template which can include various columns, colors, layouts and headers. This is where Socrates WordPress Theme module comes in.

It is a professional web template that can help you to build you a profitable website very easily and quickly without any headache. You can easily modify this theme into thousands of different unique designs with just a few mouse clicks as per your need within a matter of minutes. It is capable to be used for almost any niche of your choice. You can make money with blogs and monetize your site for the Adsense and Clickbank with built in feature in this theme.

What Are The Key Features?

  • Social Media – The theme comes preloaded with a social media slider, all you need to do is provide the details of your chosen Twitter, Facebook or RSS accounts and a rotating mini banner that allows site users to follow you, automatically boosting your media presence.
  • Monetisation – Socrates allows you to integrate both AdSense and Affiliate programmes, such as Clickbank or Amazon Associates automatically with ease, simply by providing your details. This is ideal for blogging beginners but also stress relief for the pro’s.
  • SEO – The developers provide Search Engine Optimisation tutorial videos providing guidance on how to boost search engine page ranking. They also give plugin suggestions that can be employed to ‘turbo-charge’ the optimisation of ANY theme.
  • Customisation – The package provides over 160 niche headers that can be easily selected (see video) and changed at any time. You are also able to edit colour, styling and background choices to produce 1000’s of unique designs meaning this could be the last theme you will ever need!?

There are thousands of possible combinations you can use with Socrates WordPress Theme just with the backgrounds and headers available, and an infinite number of combinations available with the custom headers and backgrounds you might get yourself. You could lose your mind playing with all the different possibilities! But either way, your site will be very unique and will look professional and well integrated. Rather than a lot of generic, weak looking wordpress websites out there, yours will be truly personal and niche relevant, making it easier for you to make money online.

The problem of how to build your own website has ultimately got a solution which can certainly help you get more money with less effort in your internet marketing business. Socrates WordPress Theme might just change the way you look at the whole market and at your ability to produce and income from the internet!


Socrates Wordpress Theme

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The Socrates WordPress Theme is being used my many internet marketers and non-marketers alike and popularity is growing.  But there are still some folks out there that are on the fence about whether they should purchase it or not.

This theme seriously has a TON of power and gives you so many options and lots of control. The Socrates theme comes with a built in header generator. A built in Adsense and Clickbank ad bar and complete custom styling and color options. It also comes with affiliate program integration and a TON more seriously.

Here are some of the cool features of Socrates Theme:

Custom Header Design System – With over 160 niche header designs, you can easily insert these pre-made headers into your theme branded with blog title and description. You can easily upload your own custom headers if you like as well.

Custom Backgrounds – Socrates Theme includes over 50 different backgrounds that you can use to fit the style of your site. It’s easy to customize them too so the backgrounds will display however you like them too.

Easy Monetization – With the optional “Ad Bar”, you can easily insert a 728 x 90 banner above your content. You can also enter in your Clickbank ID from the control panel and rotate different clickbank products on the right hand side.

Multiple Layout Design – Socrates Theme is very flexible in terms of layout. You can choose to have a left sidebar, right sidebar, or even a split sidebar design.

With Socrates WordPress Theme, you can also have some html codes and other useful things added in the “custom html”section in the upper right. Besides, you can choose your favorite Background from the 50+ ones. If you are good at design, you will upload your own which shows the unique style. Certainly, Socrates Theme has many other more features such as Social Media Slider, Affiliate Program Integration and so on.

This platform makes it so brain dead simple even a complete newbie can do it, but it is also good for all levels. You can set up one blog in 10 minutes time. Where before it would take so much time to get everything done. Just fill in the form and you’re done.

Furthermore, once you purchase Socrates Theme, you will have access to the Video Tutorials such as WordPress Installation Video, Adsense for WordPress, Socrates Installation Video and so on. Finally, Socrates Theme is so easy to use that you can rest assured. If you have Socrates WordPress Theme, you will create the unique site in a few minutes.


Socrates Wordpress Theme

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For the most part dealing with WordPress is pretty straight forward, but when it comes to customization that’s where it can get a bit tricky!

Socrates WordPress Theme is a product designed to help people build  premium wordpress themes. You don’t need a lot of marketing knowhow. It is easy to apply and doesn’t really take that long to set up. Joel Comm, the creator of the Socrates wordpress theme, is a very well known figure in the internet marketing world.

With Socarates Worpress Theme you can have access to thousands of designs to make your website absolutely your own and unique. You will never have to purchase another theme because you will be able to use Socrates to generate any style design you require.

It takes no more than 45 minutes to setup the Socrates WordPress Theme, write a piece of content, and change the about page. Plus, with these benefits, how could you go wrong?

  • Easily Manage Navigation Links
  • Instantly Monetize Your Site With Ad Bar
  • Choose From 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own
  • Over 160 Niche Header Designs to Create Custom Headers On The Fly

The cool thing is you can do everything on the fly. Change where you want your side bars, footers, layout colors, add links remove them without messing with any code. That’s the big thing. No Coding required. A lot of times people get so nervous when messing with code and they should be, because you could screw up your whole site with one wrong line of code so Socrates makes it real easy to change the majority of your site.

Many benefits that Socrates theme has and how it can speed up the website creation aspect of marketing. The product is easy to install & use and the tutorials are great for a beginner or someone new to the wordpress platform. You won’t be disappointed after installing this in your wordpress dashboard.

The idea behind Socrates was to create a simple easy to use wordpress theme that marketers could use to consistently produce sleek professional blogs and websites fast.

There is no other better theme than the Socrates WordPress Theme. You can be assured that you will earn top dollar with your affiliate marketing blogs and sites that utilize the Socrates theme. This is the only theme that uses WordPress best to form a great affiliate site that is second to none.