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The Socrates WordPress Theme is a premium WordPress theme developed by Joel Comm and Dan Nickerson. They introduced it in April 2010 with a subsequent update in June 2010. Designed by internet marketers, for internet marketers, Joel and Dan know what they want and what is required in a theme.

Socrates WordPress Theme is widely seen as the most impressive WordPress blog theme on the Internet. The theme’s main function is to generate thousands of unique patterns and designs for blogs. It does this in a matter of minutes! Some WordPress themes are designed for whether personal utility or professional uses. In our example today, the Socrates WordPress Theme is created for professional, beginners or social blogs.

These are the main features of Socrates WordPress Theme: Over 200 Niche Designs, Advanced Navigation Tabs, Making Money with the Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Features, Social Media Strategies, Unlimited Wallpaper, Backgrounds Options, Custom HTML Styling and Refurbishing Color, Best Affiliate Program, Advanced HTML Rotator, Template Sidebar Layouts, An Intro to IM and WordPress, How to Monetize Your Website with any Affiliate Program or Network, and so much more… You can build your niche site now!

With Socrates WordPress Theme, there are many features and tools waiting you to use. That’s not all! There are extra videos showing you:

  1. The best ways to find an attractive domain name.
  2. How to find the best webhost for your domain.
  3. What you really need to know about WordPress Webinar.
  4. Cool WordPress plug-ins and SEO.
  5. Cpanel video tutorial.
  6. How to pick up the best performance niches.
  7. How to profit from trends.
  8. How to get top Google rankings.
  9. The proper way to setup WordPress on your site.
  10. Another video shows the proper way to setup Socrates.
  11. Adsense for WordPress.
  12. How to get paid to promote other people’s stuff.

It’s really unique since it makes your website or blog looks more interesting. The Socrates WordPress Theme is beautifully created for both the newbie marketer, and the most experienced veteran marketer and site designer at heart. It will allow you to create unique sites within a few minutes all of which will reduce your time input allowing time for other more serious commitments.


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