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For the most part dealing with WordPress is pretty straight forward, but when it comes to customization that’s where it can get a bit tricky!

Socrates WordPress Theme is a product designed to help people build  premium wordpress themes. You don’t need a lot of marketing knowhow. It is easy to apply and doesn’t really take that long to set up. Joel Comm, the creator of the Socrates wordpress theme, is a very well known figure in the internet marketing world.

With Socarates Worpress Theme you can have access to thousands of designs to make your website absolutely your own and unique. You will never have to purchase another theme because you will be able to use Socrates to generate any style design you require.

It takes no more than 45 minutes to setup the Socrates WordPress Theme, write a piece of content, and change the about page. Plus, with these benefits, how could you go wrong?

  • Easily Manage Navigation Links
  • Instantly Monetize Your Site With Ad Bar
  • Choose From 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own
  • Over 160 Niche Header Designs to Create Custom Headers On The Fly

The cool thing is you can do everything on the fly. Change where you want your side bars, footers, layout colors, add links remove them without messing with any code. That’s the big thing. No Coding required. A lot of times people get so nervous when messing with code and they should be, because you could screw up your whole site with one wrong line of code so Socrates makes it real easy to change the majority of your site.

Many benefits that Socrates theme has and how it can speed up the website creation aspect of marketing. The product is easy to install & use and the tutorials are great for a beginner or someone new to the wordpress platform. You won’t be disappointed after installing this in your wordpress dashboard.

The idea behind Socrates was to create a simple easy to use wordpress theme that marketers could use to consistently produce sleek professional blogs and websites fast.

There is no other better theme than the Socrates WordPress Theme. You can be assured that you will earn top dollar with your affiliate marketing blogs and sites that utilize the Socrates theme. This is the only theme that uses WordPress best to form a great affiliate site that is second to none.


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