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The Socrates WordPress Theme is being used my many internet marketers and non-marketers alike and popularity is growing.  But there are still some folks out there that are on the fence about whether they should purchase it or not.

This theme seriously has a TON of power and gives you so many options and lots of control. The Socrates theme comes with a built in header generator. A built in Adsense and Clickbank ad bar and complete custom styling and color options. It also comes with affiliate program integration and a TON more seriously.

Here are some of the cool features of Socrates Theme:

Custom Header Design System – With over 160 niche header designs, you can easily insert these pre-made headers into your theme branded with blog title and description. You can easily upload your own custom headers if you like as well.

Custom Backgrounds – Socrates Theme includes over 50 different backgrounds that you can use to fit the style of your site. It’s easy to customize them too so the backgrounds will display however you like them too.

Easy Monetization – With the optional “Ad Bar”, you can easily insert a 728 x 90 banner above your content. You can also enter in your Clickbank ID from the control panel and rotate different clickbank products on the right hand side.

Multiple Layout Design – Socrates Theme is very flexible in terms of layout. You can choose to have a left sidebar, right sidebar, or even a split sidebar design.

With Socrates WordPress Theme, you can also have some html codes and other useful things added in the “custom html”section in the upper right. Besides, you can choose your favorite Background from the 50+ ones. If you are good at design, you will upload your own which shows the unique style. Certainly, Socrates Theme has many other more features such as Social Media Slider, Affiliate Program Integration and so on.

This platform makes it so brain dead simple even a complete newbie can do it, but it is also good for all levels. You can set up one blog in 10 minutes time. Where before it would take so much time to get everything done. Just fill in the form and you’re done.

Furthermore, once you purchase Socrates Theme, you will have access to the Video Tutorials such as WordPress Installation Video, Adsense for WordPress, Socrates Installation Video and so on. Finally, Socrates Theme is so easy to use that you can rest assured. If you have Socrates WordPress Theme, you will create the unique site in a few minutes.


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