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WordPress is an amazing tool that gives the user quick access to creating webpages and blogs. Many people use it to create profit instruments with internet marketing. Anyone that has used WordPress knows from experience that one of the wonderful features it has is the ability to pick and choose a template which can include various columns, colors, layouts and headers. This is where Socrates WordPress Theme module comes in.

It is a professional web template that can help you to build you a profitable website very easily and quickly without any headache. You can easily modify this theme into thousands of different unique designs with just a few mouse clicks as per your need within a matter of minutes. It is capable to be used for almost any niche of your choice. You can make money with blogs and monetize your site for the Adsense and Clickbank with built in feature in this theme.

What Are The Key Features?

  • Social Media – The theme comes preloaded with a social media slider, all you need to do is provide the details of your chosen Twitter, Facebook or RSS accounts and a rotating mini banner that allows site users to follow you, automatically boosting your media presence.
  • Monetisation – Socrates allows you to integrate both AdSense and Affiliate programmes, such as Clickbank or Amazon Associates automatically with ease, simply by providing your details. This is ideal for blogging beginners but also stress relief for the pro’s.
  • SEO – The developers provide Search Engine Optimisation tutorial videos providing guidance on how to boost search engine page ranking. They also give plugin suggestions that can be employed to ‘turbo-charge’ the optimisation of ANY theme.
  • Customisation – The package provides over 160 niche headers that can be easily selected (see video) and changed at any time. You are also able to edit colour, styling and background choices to produce 1000’s of unique designs meaning this could be the last theme you will ever need!?

There are thousands of possible combinations you can use with Socrates WordPress Theme just with the backgrounds and headers available, and an infinite number of combinations available with the custom headers and backgrounds you might get yourself. You could lose your mind playing with all the different possibilities! But either way, your site will be very unique and will look professional and well integrated. Rather than a lot of generic, weak looking wordpress websites out there, yours will be truly personal and niche relevant, making it easier for you to make money online.

The problem of how to build your own website has ultimately got a solution which can certainly help you get more money with less effort in your internet marketing business. Socrates WordPress Theme might just change the way you look at the whole market and at your ability to produce and income from the internet!


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