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Is there any premium wordpress theme which can allow you to change the theme design as per your likings, with a simple mouse click and which also can allow you to change the header, colour, background, style of a theme? The answer to this question is assertive and yes, there exists one good wordpress theme which is available for you that have all the above discussed features and lot more for you to make money with blogs by building your own websites or more precisely, blogs. You will altimately get access to the professional web templates of your choice or imagination. This theme is called Socrates WordPress Theme or simply Socrates Theme. But, one problem with this theme is that, it is not a theme like other thousands available free themes and you have to pay for it before you use it.

The designers of the Socrates WordPress Theme are Dan Nickerson and Joel Comm, two of the leading Affiliate Marketing specialists on the planet. They both have been about for years and also have flawless reputations.

The hallmark of this WordPress theme is the numerous monetization avenues available to you. You are able to customize the sub-header with up to three rotating banners, you have ample space to advertise in the sidebars (with a choice of none, one on either side or even both sides for sidebars) and you can even include Google Adsense or Clickbank products.

With Socrates Theme, you’ll find: Easy to Manage Navigation Links, Instantly Monetize Your Site With the Ad Bar, Built-in Clickbank monetization, 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own, You can Create Custom Headers On The Fly, How To Create Multiple Layout, Three Footer Widgets For Extra Customization

This Socrates WordPress Theme is especially great for beginners or internet marketers who create several different blogs in different niches. You should check it out and compare it to the other WordPress themes out there. I hope this Socrates WordPress Theme has shed a little light on what this theme is all about.


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