Socrates Wordpress Theme

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Socrates WordPress Theme is made for WordPress and is extremely powerful. Socrates theme is a premium WordPress theme that not only helps in creating someone’s WordPress blog but also marketing it and optimizing it for search engines. Professional help does not necessarily have to come from professional individuals. This theme, which helps a blogger become a professional, is a profitable alternative. In addition, you only have to pay once for a lifetime of use.

This Socrates WordPress Theme was designed specifically towards online marketers, so you find it covers all the areas you need without having to resort to multiple plugins and customizing PHP or CSS code. It’s incredibly flexible and has very easy to use menus to set up all the various monetization features you are likely to need.

For a newbie, this theme can really automate the process of setting up a blog. The Socrates Theme comes with predefined themes, formats, and textures. With that, one can do away with the html coding part on many fronts.

You can use any of the over 200 professional header graphics that are included with the theme, or use your own, if you have them or want a designer to make a unique one for you. You can add in or disable a multitude of functionality on a per page (or per post) basis, simply by clicking a button!

You have quick easy control over headers, backgrounds, ad placements, layouts, color themes, and just about anything else you might want to customize. (no more searching through all the confusing code in the WordPress Theme Editor to make your changes!). They even have built in Squeeze Page forms that you can use to build your lists quickly and easily!

If you are into Socrates WordPress Theme and you’re seeking ways to make more money and expand your business, Socrates Theme can be a great tool to add to your already powerful marketing toolbox.


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